Prépublications 2018

  • 2018-01 : [pdf] F. Comte and V. Genon-Catalot, Regression with non compactly supported bases, 2018. <hal-01690856>
  • 2018-02 : [pdf] C. Cuny, J. Dedecker, A. Korepanov, and F. Merlevède, Rates in almost sure invariance principle for slowly mixing dynamical systems, 2018. <hal-01688705>
  • 2018-03 : F. Benaych-Georges, N. Enriquez, and A. Michaïl, Eigenvectors of a matrix under random perturbation, 2018. <hal-01705890>
  • 2018-04 : [pdf] C. Duval and J. Kappus, An adaptive procedure for Fourier estimators: illustration to deconvolution and decompounding, 2018. <hal-01700525>