The MAP5 is directly implied into two masters programmes of Paris Descartes University (within UFR Mathématiques-Informatique). These courses welcome students with a bachelor degree in pure or applied mathematics. Direct applications for the second year of masters is also possible.

MAP5 participates in the masters programme Biostatistics « Public Health » linked to the Faculty of Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences of Paris Descartes University and to the Faculty of Medicine of Paris-Sud University.

The Multimedia Team is in charge of the High Tech Imaging programme of the engineering cycle of Telecom SudParis.

Lastly, MAP5 members share their expertise to several programmes from other universities :
- masters « Biomedical Engineering », jointly with ParisTech,
- masters « Interdisciplinary Approaches for Life Sciences », jointly with Paris Diderot University,
- programme « Medicine-Sciences », joint course between Paris Descartes and Paris Diderot,
- Inserm school « Mathematics and Medicine »,
- masters « Biology-Computer Science », Paris Diderot, UFR Life Sciences,
- masters STAFAV (Statistics pour French-speaking Africa and Applications to Life Sciences).