Modelling, Analysis & Simulation

Team members

Permanent Members Non permanent Members
  • Andrea Bondesan (Ph.D student)
  • Alessandro Cucchi (Ph.D student)
  • Marta Marulli (ATER)
  • Chiara Nardoni (Ph.D student)

The field of interest of the team is the modelling of phenomena that occur in mechanics, physics, biology, life sciences and a combination of those fields, based upon mathematical equations. The mathematical formulation generally relies on partial differential equations or variational principles, including nonlinear issues in most of the cases. The derivation of mathematical models is conducted in accordance with the analysis of the models and the computation of related solutions: this includes the derivation of numerical schemes, the numerical analysis of the schemes and scientific computing issues including implementation aspects.

Alternating with the colloquium of the MAP5, a team seminar is devoted to the modelling, the analysis of partial differential equations, the numerical analysis and scientific computing on both theoretical and applied aspects.

Mathematical modelling applied to medecine and biology

  • modelling of gas mixtures with applications to respiration
  • cellular polarization, cellular communication, cellular migration
  • differential growth
  • algorithms for brain imaging

Modelling for physics and mechanics

  • atomic lattices, mechanical networks, structures with an imposed metric
  • complex fluids
  • wave propagation (in acoustics, eletromagnetism, elasticity…) and inverse problems
  • nuclear thermohydraulics