Barbara Gris (Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions, Sorbonne Université)

Deformation constraints and image reconstruction

vendredi 25 janvier 2019, 14h00 - 16h00

Salle du conseil, espace Turing

Image reconstruction consists in recovering an image from an indirect observation (for instance its Radon transform). In general this observation does not allow to determine a unique image and some prior (e.g. image regularity) needs to be incorporated in the reconstruction framework. I will present how one can incorporate intuitive priors about the geometric variation of the image from a reference one using the framework of deformation modules. The framework of deformation modules allow to build deformations satisfying some prior and the idea is to reconstruct an image –from some indirect observations– as the deformation of the reference one while constraining the deformation to satisfy certain constraints. I will present this notion of deformation modules and show how it can be used to perform image reconstruction.