Bastien Polizzi, Université Lyon 1

Mixture models for phototrophic biofilms and gut microbiota ecology

vendredi 1 février 2019, 11h00 - 12h00

Salle du conseil, espace Turing

The framework of mixture theory allows describing complex systems of heterogeneous fluids at the mesoscale which is an intermediary scale between micro and macro. This formalism generalises Euler equations and uses partial differential equations to model multicomponent fluids. Therefore, mixture theory is particularly well adapted to describe complex biological ecosystems such as photosynthetic microalgae biofilm and gut microbiota ecology.
The purpose of the talk will be to introduce mixture theory formalism and then present these two applications. In both cases (biofilm and gut ecology), the objective is to quantify the influence of mechanical, ecological and chemical mechanisms considered in the models. For each model the presentation structured as follow. First, the context will be present. Then the model will be described. Eventually, the numerical schemes and simulations results will be commented.